DJing this Sunday – a busy day!

Been asked by Michelle if I can DJ this Sunday at the Speakeasy.

It’ll be a busy day since Su has a function in Success, and I’ll probably follow her with the kids down there to see Hip Mo Toast.  Then there’s Idol, and gotta get kids ready for school again on Monday.  I’ll do it though!  Haven’t done a swing DJ gig since August Speakeasy and I’ve got a few new albums to spin!  See ya there Sunday!!

* Duke Ellington’s Ko-Ko and Take the A Train albums (Dreyfus)
* Jazz in Britain
* Spike Hughes
* Duke Ellington’s Blanton-Webster Band

and new stuff from last time like

* Lil Hardin Armstrong and Her Orchestra
* Julia Lee and Her Boyfriends – Kansas City’s First Lady of the Blues

Hmm..  prob too late to put in another order to get by Sunday..  there’s always emusic though.


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