My first 240V electric shock

Well, last night, Su and I sat down on the couch to watch Idol, possibly some ARIA and an episode of Prison Break.  All seemed OK except for some reason my Media Center box was playing up again and this time refused to emit any sound from the SPDIF interface.  So I had to poke around behind the TV (where I hide my Media Center box).  All OK.  Anyways, in the process, I realised that my (standalone) DVD player did not power on anymore.  The power cable runs from the back of my Yamaha receiver.  So I decided, OK, I’ll just feel around and make sure the connection is pushed in properly.

Next thing I knew, there was a big shock going from my right hand behind the receiver, though my chest, to my thumb and palm of my left hand which was holding the front of the receiver.  I pulled away immediately, but whoa! it was a shock!  My hand felt a bit wierd, no burns, but stinging.  I’ve had small shocks before (static, and once from our vacuum cleaner), but this was the largest yet.

Afterwards, I felt really “awake”! Either from the adrenaline, the shock of what happened, or the “shock” itself!  Do I need to go for a medical checkup?  Hmm..  I haven’t gained any superpowers though 😦  Luckily I’m still alive.  I would’ve thought that our Clipsal breaker would have kicked in, but it didn’t.  Wierd.


2 thoughts on “My first 240V electric shock”

  1. Sorry to hear about the lack of super powers. No need for a medical checkup, unless your heart isn’t beating in rhythm anymore, but I did want to comment on the breaker.

    1 Probably didn’t ‘break’ because the electrical current that hit you was all stored up within your receiver, i bet the electrical lines feeding your entertainment center didn’t even notice the huge ‘ground’ that took place.

    2 you would be absolutely surprised with the quality of circuit breakers, consider this a word to the wise for anyone installing new electrical circuits or doing new builds on houses, DO NOT SKIMP ON THE CIRCUIT BREAKERS!, a a cheap 15 amp circuit breaker may not flip until 50 amps is hit, you never know, if that’s you grabbign that wire, a 15amp circuit and a good breaker will save your life, a bad one… well… it’ll let you cook…

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