Violin lesson no. 2

Had another violin lesson yesterday after work with Margie.  Played through the first movement of the Wieniawski again, and at the end the second movement.  All is good, I still have to work on intonation, phrasing, shifts, and most of all, fingered octave runs – argghh!! Who invented that 🙂

One thing Margie suggested was that I set up some goals or performance goals to work towards.  I guess that would help, at the moment, it’s just learning pieces without having to perform them, and so I don’t end up polishing them off totally.  Hmm…  I’ve thought of entering the local comps (Freo and Joondalup and Perth Eistedfodd, North of Perth, etc) this year, but I have a feeling I’m way too old now..

Anyways, it was good – I think I’ll now start learning the Bach G minor (I looovve the Fuga) and start on some Paganini Caprices.  I have to tackle No. 16 again, I had a go years ago before I stopped violin lessons, but I think I need to start tackling the Caprices to solidify more advanced violin techniques further.

Makes me think that Su and I should get some lindyhop privates 😉


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