Take the Lead

aarghghh..  Su and I our such suckers for dance movies.  The latest one we bought and watched last night was Take the Lead.  Typical “inspiring  street/young kids” storyline formula.  Any dance wow factor?  A couple of flashy tango dances.. not sure how it would go down with the real tango crowd though.  Couple of obligatory hip hop and breakdance bits and backflips, but not much else – just very clever editing and booty shaking.

Makes me wish though that someone would promote lindyhop in one of these movies instead of the foxtrot for dancing to swing.  I wonder how many people realise that lindyhop was a street dance of the young generation back in 30s and 40s, much like the hip hop/b-boy scene today.   But also makes me think how hard it is to communicate the “feel” in jazz music if the other person just doesn’t “get” it.

At least it gives the kids a new dance movie to watch 3 times a day.  In the last week, we’ve been bombarded by Breakdance 1 – Breakin and Breakdance 2 – Electric Boogaloo multiple times a day!  I’ve had enough!!  No more benefit concerts pleeeeaaassseee!  Maybe I should the kids back on You Got Served…  hmm…


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