Guitar Hero!

Went to EB, lined up with the gaming nerds and bought Guitar Hero 2 last week.  boy is it fun!

We had Heans, Chris and Liz over last Friday for a Guitar Hero night.  Now that we have 2 of those Gibson SG controllers, we played heaps of 2 player all night..   actually it’s quite “accurate” from my experience playing Sweet Child of Mine on a real guitar..  another fav was Killing in the name of..

LOL chris reckons i have mega fast fingers!  I think I’m just applying my violin fingering techniques to the 5 buttons.. nothing strange 🙂

I’d love to see more in the next Guitar Hero though, like:
* Strum without holding down any notes for open chords, etc
* Tapping
* Indicated use of tremolo/whammy bar for certain songs

Cute skylar goes “I want a violin one!”..  yeah Violin Hero!  🙂  i think Heans uploaded some videos of the night somewhere on the net.. arrghhh  we look LAME-O!


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