No Kylie tonight, G3 on Friday!

This IS a busy time of the year!  Tonight, Su and I have tickets to Kylie which should be a great show!  I’ve decided to let Tallulah go instead of me which should be kewl!  She’s now 7, and into dancing and all – we think she’s ready for her first pop concert experience…  actually during the Billy Joel concert we were both thinking that she could’ve gone to that.  Anyways, tonight will be nice for Su and Tallulah, a bit of mum and daughter bonding 🙂  I wonder what she’ll think – I’m sure she’ll love the lights, the music, the dancing…

The concert I’m really looking forward to this week though is G3!! OMG!  Satriani, Vai AND Petrucci in one concert..  I’ve built up the set list from the Brisbane show and am listening to it right now..   sweet..


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