New CDs and G3 memories

I love shopping online..  it’s having access to everything instead of roaming around aisles of shops looking for the product I want, only to find they don’t have it in stock or something.  OK, not getting it straight away is not good, but when I’m working away and a brown box turns up unexpectedly, it’s a surprise!  Just like a birthday or Christmas!

Just did an order with Amazon recently and I’ve received some of my items!

* Maxine Sullivan’s Tribute to Andy Razaf – excellent stuff here! Don’t know how I went without buying this CD for so long!  I love her version of Massachusetts and the whole studio band really sits on the beat..
* Jimmie Noone Complete Recordings – a 4CD set of Jimmie Noone stuff.  I didn’t have any before this and now I have more than enough!  Sound quality is a bit scratchy and I haven’t had time to go through it all thoroughly, but there’s some good stuff in there.  Shane loves it so it must be good!!
* G-Swing Modern Swing – I found about this only through a myspace friend add by Gswing!  It’s great!  I love US jazzy house music and this reminds me of that stuff.  Some pretty well done remixes here.  Su doesn’t like it, but I’m tempted to spin a track in my next set when I DJ next.
* Charlie Barnet 2CD set – actually found this one through  I had already purchased a handful of tracks, but I wanted more – so I bought the whole set instead.  His stuff is really kicking!  It just gets me going..  definitely recommend this one.

I also picked up Memoirs of a Jazz Dancer which should be good bedtime reading.

Hmm. wierd thing is that part of my order was shipped earlier (for free thank you Amazon!) but hasn’t arrived yet.  That part includes Yule B Swinging, The Legendary Buster Smith and Kansas City’s First Lady of Blues.   Anwyays, I think I have enough to listen to for now!

Oh did I mention the G3 concert?  It was awwweessomme!! Well, Steve Vai was!! We did attend the John Petrucci guitar clinic at Hale on the Thursday before.  Lined up for 1 and a half ages with all sorts of bogans in black.  I was most impressed with Dave LaRue’s bass session that was first.  Very mature and well rounded and talented musician.  Then JP came on and shredded away!  He was fast, but didn’t find his session as valuable.. it was just.. jaw dropping 🙂  Pity I didn’t win the OLP JP signature – the guy who did was just one row right in front of us.

Then was G3 the next day with a real mixed bag in the audience.  It was a pity there weren’t more people there.  The Claremont dome was probably 3/4s full in a smaller setting.  Anwyays, we had great seats that looked out over the floor section.  JP shredded again and was a bit more entertaining and showy this time round (good to see him tackling the solo guitar role better now), Vai was extremely entertaining and talented with his entire band there – what a treat!, and the Satch came on and did his usual great stuff – I love his melodic older stuff.  Then was an hour long jam with all 3, trading 8s and all – what a treat!  It all ended at 10 to midnight, and we were all guitar’d out..  what a night 🙂


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