The Kids can CYCLE!

Woot! We bought the kids new bikes for Christmas..  a bit brave considering that they couldn’t really cycle on 2 wheels yet.  The old trusty bike with training wheels was getting a little small for them.

So in the last 2 weekends, we’ve been teaching the kids to go up and down our driveway on their new 2 wheelers.  Skylar was fine – she’s so brave and gungho, she just went for it on the new bike.  Tallulah on the other hand, is really cautious – when we tried to teach her last year, she didn’t want to go too fast in case she fell over.  Luckily this time with Skylar being able to go herself, it must have spurred her on a little.  Eventually she could do it, but only on her smaller bike, not the newer larger one – it was “too heavy” for her.

So last weekend, we brought the bikes to Yokine Reserve, and rode around the whole darn thing!  Was so cute, Skylar was just peddling ahead non stop!  The next problems we came up against were controlling the bike when going on downward slopes!  Skylar evenutally got the whole using the back pedeal brake gently to control the speed, but Tallulah didn’t.  They had to walk the bikes both up AND down the slopes!  Oh well, for the very first time riding out in the park it was really good.

Then Su and I went dancing at Splanky all that night!  Boy were our bodies knackered by the end of that day!

Btw, I’ve posted my set list on the SwingTalk forum.


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