Presents in the Mail!

I love ordering stuff on the internet!  Came in to work yesterday and found a little brown box on my desk.. it’s just like a Birthday or Christmas 🙂  Of course I knew what it was already, but it doesn’t matter – it’s like getting a present!

Actually, it was good – it was the shipment I thought was lost from Amazon.  A bit late though – getting the Yule B Swingin Christmas swing CD after Christmas!  But had a quick listen to The Legendary Buster Smith and it’s great!  Not too many tracks, but good stuff.

Interestingly, the box had a New Zealand mail sticker on it.  Does Amazon have a warehouse in NZ?  Boy, how I wish there was an Australia Amazon store.  With the shipping deals and specials and the low prices and massive range, I would not be able to resist.


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