Dang these TV series!

Oh boy..  more TV series to watch.  We’re suckers for exciting action TV series’s.. serieses.. series?   And this month we’ve just added another one to our list – Heroes!

No, last night we were catching up on 24, we’re nearly up to date with the US for Prison Break.   And we’re thinking of starting to watch either The West Wing (there’s so much of it though!!), Men in Trees (I’ve heard this is quite good, has good relationship stories), House or Battlestar Gallactica (2 of the guys at work think this is the best!!)..   I’ve also been recommended to watch Six Feet Under.  *sigh*    too much TV..

Was wierd cuz the other night, we borrowed The Sentinel to watch.  It just wasn’t as good as even one episode of 24 or Prison Break I reckon!  Just trying to squeeze or chop out too much to fit into a movie length.  And Keifer was still Jack!  amazing…


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