My body is sore!!!  Just had a whole lot of dancing at the Perth Swing Dance Society’s Hullabaloo Lindyhop exchange over the weekend.  It was heaps of fun as usual!  I can’t describe the emotion and atmosphere when you’re just standing there watching all these people couple dancing, dressed up and having so much fun with huge smiles on their faces to wonderful jazz/swing music.  It’s a total escape, and as a band member from last night said (more or less) “You guys sure know how to have fun!”.

I must say that as usual, it was an extremely well organised event.  It’s amazing that a group of volunteers can put together such a professional, huge, multi-venue event.  IMHO, this year was even better with more live bands, two DJ rooms at once at Kings Street, longer classes and more late night dancing.  All good and huge thumbs up to all on the organising committee.

On the DJ side for me, I was fortunate to have the opening DJ set on Thursday night at the Cott!  Excellent venue, verandah looking over to the ocean (pity it was past sunset), medium sized dance floor, friendly atmosphere – I was happy with my set and the floor was pretty packed too.   My only other spot was on Friday night as the first DJ up in the Blues Room at Kings Street.  I’d never DJ’d a blues room before so it was a bit challenging for me, but the lights were turned down, there were sofas and people relaxing from the band/lindy room, so I played mostly what I consider some popular/standard blues tunes or slower relaxing jazz and it seemed the people in there liked it.

On the dancing side, had heaps of great fun and imaginative dances with follows from all over 🙂  I wish I had more last night at the ball, but my stamina is not up to it unfortunatley 😦  I was starting to get really fatigued and sore!  It’s so great and inspiring to get excellent follows like Alice Mei and Angela Andrew over.  Their dancing is on another plane altogether and it was so much fun to dance with them.

Unfortunately, with 2 kids and doing all the classes (and coming back to work today), this meant we couldn’t all the late night stuff.  Can’t even go to tonight’s farewell dance as Su has a Young Women in Harmony rehearsal 😦  However, we have booked in a private with Dax on Wednesday (before Tallulah’s ballet resumes for this term).


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