Talang 2007

Woot!  The energetic and kewl Harlem Hot Shots are competing in the Swedish version of [Insert Country] Got Talent.  In Sweden it’s called Talang.

I’ve donwloaded episodes 4 and 6 where they perform.  But the HHS segments are also on YouTube.  This is great stuff – they really went off!!  Pity I don’t understand the Swedish commentary.  I think we should try and find out the time of the finals and phone votes in!!  Judging by the dates of the episodes, the first final should have been aired on Wednesday 23 May.  I’ll have to try and find a torrent for it.

It’s also a really great way to show Lindyhop to the general public – maybe a team in Australia should try this too?

More info here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talang_2007

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