DJ’s worst nightmare come true

A huge group of Perthies went over to MLX on the weekend.  Su and I had too many other things to attend that we couldn’t.  But Shane asked if I could fill in for him on the Mustang DJ desk.  No problems!

Well, so I had thought – until Thursday night when I was packing my gear up and thought I’d double check my Hard Drive with my swing mp3s on it.  Connect the USB cable, drive wurrs, Windows spits up some unhelpful error message box, can’t access drive..  oh dear.   I tried Firewire – no difference.  I hooked it up to Su’s MacBook.  OK, now we’re getting somewhere.  I can see the drive in Finder, but when I browse into my audio/swing folder, it’s not there!  Aarrgghhh..   I tried running GetBackData over the whole night but it didn’t finish – it seemed to hang.  ARGHHH!!!  I had lost all my ripped swing music!!

So I spent lots of Friday ripping some favourite/best CDs.  But I didn’t have time to apply the old BPM, rating and favourite collection/grouping info so I was DJ’ing semi-blind on Friday night.   Looking at the few hundred CDs I’d have to rip/tag again – I really can’t be bothered…   so that was probably my last DJ gig for a longggg time.

My advice for those that spin off digital media – make a BACKUP!!!  and keep it up to date!!!

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