Dad duty at dancing

Last One Standing

Last one standing

At the kids’ dancing school, parents are invited to watch their kids, in class, at the end of each term.   It’s a wonderful opportunity to see how they’re going, whether they’re enjoying that dance style, struggling, excelling..

Wifey and I tag teamed on Friday to watch the kids’ back to back acrobat classes.  It’s great to see kids pushing themselves physically, but in acro, it’s also paining to see weird contortions – how can one’s backs and bodies bend that way and not hurt?  I also like going because I’m usually one of the only Dads – makes me popular with the Mums 😉  hahahaha

Anyway, I knew my daughter loved acro, and even though she’s pint-sized and doesn’t “seem” strong but she has pretty good balance.   She was the last one standing in a little balance exercise and I quickly snapped this shot.   I have previously taken zoom lenses to the classes, but it usually has pretty poor lighting in there, so this time I took the trustworthy 85mm f1.8.  Not being able to physically move around to compose a shot makes it hard, but I like how this one turned out.

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