Tracking things around the world

So I’ve bought another toy from the US.  One thing I like about buying online, is that with some of the courier services, you can track your package online.  I was able to follow my package as it made its way from the US to Australia by UPS.  It’s good to know where my package is, but it confused me too because of the route it took!

Here is where it went!

Maspeth, NY, US
Jamaica, NY, US
Louisville, KY, US
Koeln/Cologne, Germany (and encountered some adverse weather conditions)
Dubai, Arab Emirates
Don Muang, Thailand
Changi, Singapore
Perth, Australia

I was surprised by the number of stops it took!  It also makes me wonder how many “bumps” it’s had along the way.

So it was to be delivered today (delayed by 1 day) but unfortunately it could only be delivered home, which I was not at obviously!  Rang UPS and it seems that the package will be in the driver’s van all day as he makes other deliveries, so I won’t be able to pick it up until tomorrow 😦

I guess one more day of waiting can’t hurt…   oh the anticipation!


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