Review: BH Photo Video

My new toy finally arrived!  But what a journey!

After toying between the Nikon 18-200 VR and the Nikon 17-55 f/2.8, I decided that I’d make more use of the 17-55 f/2.8, especially since I love low light photography and minimal depth of field.  I know the VR would also help in low light in certain situations, but VR doesn’t help stop a moving object.   I know both of these are expensive purchases – but I’m considering this my belated birthday present to myself 🙂  (plus I don’t really go out drinking or gambling hahahaha!)

So my next decision was – where to buy this lens from?  As in my earlier post, price is a huge factor for me.  I really can’t bear to pay the retail store price in Australia.  So I went comparing online.  Here is a snapshot of prices (all prices in Australian Dollars except otherwise marked):

  • Dirt Cheap Cameras $1999 (product link)
  • Cheaptronics $1579 + $16.80 postage (product link)
  • Local Camera House ~$2200 (before bargaining)
  • Cameraland Camera House $2199, $1999 duty free (product link)
  • Digital Rev eBay $1480 + $79 postage + 10% GST = $1707 (Gray Market!) (product link)
  • BH Photo Video US$1199  + US$49.60 = $1262 + $52.21 (on 9/July/2008) + 10% GST = $1440 (USA & Worldwide Warranty – not Gray Market!) (product link)

I suspect the Cheaptronics lens is a Gray market one.   So looking at the above prices, with the Australian dollar at an all time high, it’s clear that buying from B&H Photo Video is a no brainer!

The only hassle is the time – it took just over a week until it was attempted to be delivered, but in the end I drove to the depot to pick it up myself.  Spent 10 minutes trying to find the darn building as there was no clear UPS sign out the front (there will be next week apparently!).

So how was the experience through BH Photo Video?  Good – I have nothing to complain about.  The order was processed quickly, and once my credit card went through, it was shipped almost immediately.  I can’t complain about the price.  Haven’t really used the customer service as I haven’t had to.  The site is extensive with a huge number of photography products being sold.   I can track my package electronically through UPS.  All good!

My only complaint is that they would only allow me to ship to my personal/home address and not to my work address.

Now to sell my 18-70 kit lens 🙂

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