Glimpse of being a single parent

Packing school lunches
Packing school lunches

I take my hat off to single parents.  I guess the saying is true that you don’t appreciate something ’till you don’t have it.

This week, dear Wifey has been away on a work conference.  Leaving me, alone, at home, with the 2 kids… and the daunting task of doing everything that normally we share..  (or that my wifey does :))

Normally my Wifey and I share the kid load – I do the morning routine and school drop off, she does the arvo driving around and stuff.   So, the morning routine I’m used to – get kids out of bed, changed, pack bags, drive to school.  However, after school was a whole new world.  Especially when you’re tired from work, and having to leave work a little earlier than I’d like to just so I can fit it all in.  Get kids in shower, wash their lunch boxes, cook dinner, make their school lunches, server dinner, do music practice with them, do their homework with them, read them a story in bed…

By the time they fall asleep, I sneak back in to have a look – they both are bunking in my bed, and they look angelic and peaceful.  I give them yet another goodnight kiss.  Suddenly I notice that the house is amazingly quiet, there is no-one to talk to.  But then there’s only a couple of hours before I need to sleep to start the routine all over again the next day.

Luckily I’ve had the Tour de France to keep me entertained this week..  but boy am I counting the hours until Wifey is back!


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