Pool worries

By the pool

So we moved house and in the process, we’ve acquired a swimming pool.   When we told family and friends about the pool, we heard all sorts of mixed responses from “Wow! Cool – parties at your house in summer!” to “Good luck cleaning it!”.

The very first week we were here, the kids were overjoyed and so enthusiastic about the pool that they scooped up all the leaves, even going in up to their waists even though it was absolutely freezing in winter.  But that enthusiasm has waned, and as I had suspected all along, it was left to me to do the good old clean.

Coming back from our holidays, all the leaves in the pool had sunk to the bottom, the sides of the pool are looking a bit brown, and I feel that the Kreepy Krauly doesn’t seem to suck as much.  Time for some professional help 😦  Can’t wait till we can actually use it.

I’m considering getting it heated when we saved up enough money.  Is it worth it?


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