Processing photos

St Peter's Basilica
St Peter's Basilica

So in the last few nights, once the kiddies are asleep and the house is as quiet as the drone of the ducted airconditioning and fridge, I’ve been processing the photos from our trip to Italy.

It’s wierd – I guess in the “old” days of film, in huge sweeping generalisations – you would get the people who take their photos to a lab to get processed, and then you would get those with dark room expertise.  Time in the dark room was just as important as taking/composing the shot – you can dodge and burn, crop, alter the exposure, etc.

My father in law ran a film lab for quite a few years.  When we visited him, I would be amazed at how he would manually “fix” other people’s photos just before they are printed so that they came out with better exposure and colours.  It was all possible with the machine.   I appreciated his eye and abilities even more when I saw that he was fixing colours in reverse – since he was making changes by looking at the negative.  It really makes one appreciate the computerised version of dragging sliders and seeing the results immediately!  (And also made me cringe when I got some photos back from photo “labs” who just churn the roll through the machine without even looking at them and you get bad prints.)

Now that I’ve transitioned to digital, the computer has become my dark room.  It’s quite enjoyable tinkering with the photos, playing around with levels, curves, layers.  Nearly an obsession.

I’ve been slowly working my way through our Italy adventure photos.  Here’s one of the baldacchino and dome in St Peter’s.

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