Google Street View in Perth!

I found out today that Google has finally added Street View to their mapping capabilities!   What this means is that instead of looking at streets or photos from above, you can look around at the surroudings from ground level in 360 degrees.

I’m glad that Google has kept our sleepy town of Perth up to date in its maps.  I remember being all excited when they finally added Australia as a satellite view, then the maps itself.  It’s almost a recognition that Perth still counts 🙂

For Perth, Google obviously spent a lot of time driving through every street, photographing it with their special vehicles equipped with mounted cameras and GPS.  Here’s a shot of the new interface with the view from Kings Park.

Google Street View of Kings Park
Google Street View of Kings Park

One cool thing about this is that you can grab the picture and just drag it around to “look around”.

I then spent the next 10 minutes going to my house, my parent’s house, the kids school, work trying to see if I or my car was in any of the photos..  unfortunately not 😦

Access Google Maps here:


6 thoughts on “Google Street View in Perth!”

  1. woh 🙂 I click on this link from the wordpress page, which brings me here, then I recognise you from flickr 😀

  2. cant work out how to use google st map (st view) i thought you can type in a name of a st and see the houses etc… how do i do it

  3. Unfortunately it’s not quite that easy. You have to still interact with the map first but you can “activate” street view on top of that.

    These steps should work:
    1) Go to
    2) It should show you a map of Australia by default
    3) Type in an address in the “Search the Map” box, eg. “Hay Street Perth” and press enter
    4) It should show you a little dialog balloon coming out of the map. Click on Street View.
    5) A window should pop up showing a picture from street level.

    Alternately, on the top right of the map display, you’ll see some buttons, one of them says “Street View”. If you click this, you should see the streets on the map get a blue border and a little “man” icon appear. If you click on the man, a new window should appear with a picture from street level.

    Hope this helps!

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