More fun with Google Maps Street View in Perth

I don’t know why, but I find it really fun to wander around my home city of Perth virtually! I should just get up and get outside, but no… walking with a mouse is so much more fun 🙂

Here are some funny things I found in the Street View of Perth in Google Maps.

They drove through the tunnel and took photos along the way!

Graham Farmer Freeway Tunnel
Graham Farmer Freeway Tunnel

They even drove down Hay Street Mall, evidently quite early in the morning.

Hay Street Mall
Hay Street Mall

But there seems to be a wierd glitch/bug when you “travel” down Piccadilly Arcade.  I would have expected to pop out on Murray Street Mall, but it seems to think you’re still on Hay Street Mall with Piccadilly Arcade going the wrong way.  Wierd.

Piccadilly Arcade Bug
Piccadilly Arcade Bug

Anyone else in Perth find anything wierd or funny?

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