Personal time

I heard a close to home sermon on the weekend.  The question was asked “How much personal time do you have?  And what do you do with that time?”.

Wifey and I often lament over the lack of our own personal time.  Sometimes we accidentally leave personal and each other time after kids, family, community and work.  Although it all seems like common sense, it’s good to hear messages like this once in a while to help maintain our focus and priorities in life.

So the weekend went by with an Olympics TV night with family and kids, driving kids to dancing, buying presents for birthday parties, organising and playing music for church, attending the birthday party and visiting the wood show with my father.   It wasn’t until about 5.40pm on Sunday that I suddenly realised I had my first real hour of own time of the whole weekend.

And with that time, I decided to watch the Olympics…


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