You want Four Seasons?

One thing I loved about our time in Venice was the classical music!

In St Mark’s square, there were little classical ensembles (typically 1-2 violins, clarinet, piano, bass) churning out one classical hit after another.

But one thing not to miss is to attend a Vivaldi concert. Vivaldi lived and worked in Venice for a while, so it seems that a Vivaldi concert is a not to miss event.

The problem was that there were so many Vivaldi concerts to choose from!! There was literally at least one EVERY night!  It seemed that the main ensembles there rotated between a Four Seasons program and an Operatic program.  Being a violinist, I had to see the Four Seasons.

The Four Seasons daily schedule
The Four Seasons daily schedule

We ended up choosing to see Interpreti Venezia because they seemed to be the most “musical” on paper – having toured a few countries and recording quite a few CDs. We watched them play Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in the San Vidal church and we were entertained. Their interpretation was fresh and their players talented. There was a sizeable audience, but mostly (probably all!) tourists.   The most memorable thing about the concert was the cellist!  He was extremely flamboyant which put me off at first, but after his Paganini cello encore at the end, he did show he had talent to back himself up.

It wouldn’t be bad being a classical muso in Venice – but to play the same program day after day would take its toll I’m sure.


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