Preparing for the Olympics

With my weakness for photographic equipment, I now have accumulated too much to easily carry in a backpack.   Unfortunately this means having to think about what gear to bring along when shooting stuff like dancing concerts, weddings, concerts, kids birthday parties, etc.   One of the first things I think about is which lenses should I bring – this means having to think about how far away you will be shooting, will the distance change at all, how much light will there be, are there any fast moving objects, etc.

I came across this blog of New York professional photographer, Vincent Laforet, on his preparations to shoot for the Olympics.  The amount of gear he has to bring and planning he had to do is staggering!   I guess there’s just so many sports, at different speeds and lighting conditions and distances, that it’s probably best to bring everything if possible, and then just select what gear you need for each sport as you cover each. What an experience that would be!


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