Recording more

I’ve had a think about the whole recording thing.  I want to do more and just post them up here on my blog.

I woke at 4.30am this morning, from a coughing fit and congested nose (yep, I’m sick) and couldn’t go back to sleep.  So I lay there, listening to the sounds from the road, thinking about my blog and my violin and the internet.

There are so many budding photographers out there, all displaying their work on the internet, some sharing it with Creative Commons licenses.  There are photographs of so many things in the world – all with different compositions, angles.  Sure, many of the photos from people on flickr and similar sites aren’t professionals – they aren’t doing it for a living.

So I was thinking, why can’t music be the same?  Surely there are millions of musicians out there, millions of kids learning instruments, learning all sorts of classical (and other) repertoire.  Why can’t all this classical repertoire be recorded and shared with each other?  Imagine if there was a site where people could upload their recordings of a particular piece, tag it like “Mozart”, “Clarinet”, etc.   Eventually, the end dream would be that as much of the classical composed repertoire out there would be able to be listened to, recorded by any number of people, all with different interpretations.   For free.   In the same way photos are stored and shared by flickr.

I think I’ll start recording my “back catalogue”.  That is, going back to all the pieces that I have already learnt and trying to get them back up to some standard and recording them.  In fact, I think it’s a shame I didn’t record them at the time I learnt them, as now I have no idea how well or badly I played them!

I did a bit of a search to see if anything existed that is like this.  I did find an article about Tasmin Little “giving” away some recordings (see here: , and did come across some sites with “free” mp3s of classical music, but nothing that has the central community spirit of flickr or similar sites.

Free Classical Music
* Piano Society –
* List of links to various free mp3 sites –
* Royalty Free Music –

If you know of any others, please let me know.


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