Painting dance shoes

Each year the kids take part in some dancing exams for jazz and tap.  As usual, we’re slack parents and we suddenly realised that the exam is this Monday.   And…  the dance costume and shoes aren’t done yet!

I’m not sure how it happened, but a few years ago, I became the allocated shoe painter.

So, while the kids were watching their movie on Friday’s movie night, I started the ritual again…  anticipating the smell of newspaper, the blackness of my hands when I’m done, the smell of the paint, the joy of finding a corner of newspaper I can hold to turn the shoe upside down…

Painting dance shoes
Painting dance shoes

3 thoughts on “Painting dance shoes”

  1. Thanks! Luckily there is only one costume for the exam. The dancing concert at the end of the year is the killer – last year we had 7 to do!!

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