What’s in the car?

(Shamelessly carrying this blog idea from here!)

We have a 6 CD stacker in one of cars and when we’re in that car, my wifey and I act as the “DJ”.  Well, more like a request DJ, as the kids currently just shout out what CD and track number they want and we put it on, taking turns between the kids.

It’s a huge “decision” to swap CDs in the car.  We’ve had these ones set for the last month or so.  So, what’s on in the car?

CD#1 – Wicked soundtrack – the kids love singing at the top of their voices to Defying Gravity, Popular, What is this feeling?, One Short Day, The Wizard and I, etc.   I only wish they could sing with as much enthusiasm when we’re NOT in the car so I can video them 🙂

CD#2 – Our own musical theatre compilation – they love songs from Cats like Jellicle Cats

CD#3 – A compilation of current pop hits – the songs on regular rotation include Flo Rida’s Lo, Ashlee Simpson’s Piece of Me, Rihanna’s Please Don’t Stop the Music

CD#4 – Heavier Things by John Mayer – some guitar inspiration for me

CD#5 – Vivaldi’s Four Seasons recorded by Interpreti Venezia – reminders of our holiday to Venice

CD#6 – Gypsy tunes by Romanian Draculas – funnily the kids love Csardas and some other tracks

I really need to get an iPod dock for the car.

2 thoughts on “What’s in the car?”

  1. Or maybe a deck that supports iPods? It seems weird in this digital age that we’re interfacing with our car stereos via FM!! Reminds me of the old drive-ins 🙂

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