Photography techniques – vertorama

Diffset Sunset by Panorama Paul on Flickr
Diffset Sunset by Panorama Paul on Flickr

When I was looking up HDR images a few weeks ago, I came across a photography term I hadn’t seen before – Vertorama.   A few googles away, I found out that a Vertorama is really nothing more than a vertical panorama – that is, multiple images stitched together vertically.

So what’s so special about it?  Because vertoramas can cover a large angle of view in the vertical axis, they are able to capture more detail in the lower foreground while still capturing the background in all its glory.  Notice in the image above, Panorama Paul was able to capture lots of the rocks and sand on the beach in the foreground, as well as a large proportion of the sky.  It would be hard to create this feeling of expansiveness with a normal “kit” lens.

Many vertoramas of landscapes will inevitably include both land/ground subjects as well as sky, resulting in a possibly large dynamic range.   To fully capture a potentially darker ground/foreground and brighter background/sky (or vice versa), many people use HDR techniques with vertoramas.

Here are links to amazing vertoramic photos (I’d imagine they would look excellent printed out on canvas):

And here are some walkthroughs of how to create such images:

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