Our 9yo daughter won a gym membership!

I don’t know how.  But yesterday, my wifey was at work and received a call on her mobile, along the lines of:


“Is that T?”

“Errr, no”  (Why would someone call her mobile asking for our 9yo daughter?)

“Is T there?”

“Errr, no.  Why?”

“Congratulations, she has just won a 12 month gym membership at Zest Health Club.”

“But she’s only 9!”

“We have her drawn her entry form here with her name, T, address <removed> and mobile number <my wife’s>.”

Totally bizarro.

Apparently they might have entry forms in shopping centres, at shops like Boost Juice.  Or perhaps at exhibitions or shows.    Our current theory is that T filled in a form somewhere and entered it in some box. But she denies all knowledge or having any memory of doing this.   Hmmmmm…  I have a feeling we’ll never know.

But in the mean time, we need to talk with her about privacy concerns and giving out personal details.   And about entering us in more competitions!!


2 thoughts on “Our 9yo daughter won a gym membership!”

  1. Unfortunately no!!! Wifey was in such a shock by the call that she ended it without thinking about getting it transferred 😦 😦 😦

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