Scitech Slime

On the weekend, the kids were invited to a birthday party at Scitech, our local science discovery museum.

I love Scitech!  And the kids do too.  There are so many gadgets that kids can play with, and you don’t need to get stressed about them pressing any ol’ button like at home.   In fact, I, myself find it quite liberating just being able to push any button randomly multiple times without having to worry that something will break!  It’s like stress relief!

One really cool exhibit there was a robot arm that was mounted with a camera.  It takes a photo of you, grabs a piece of A4 paper, places it on an easel, draws a picture of you, then drops the finished work down a chute for you to keep.  The drawings were rather abstract, but it was really amazing to see something with that much fine control in action.

Scitech also has a short term themed “exhibition” and the current one is called Strike A Chord – all about music and sound production, which is right up our family’s alley.  I continue to be impressed at how exciting and cool Scitech can make each exhibit.   There I was being a daggy parent, trying to play chopsticks on the large Floor Piano with my daughter.   Hmmmm..  I wonder why she was not too keen on it 🙂  

Scitech definitely know how to run a birthday party.  This party was hosted, so there was a young enthusiastic (probably uni student!) person in charge, entertaining the kids through some science experiments.   He kept the kids engaged with an energy level worthy of a Hi-5 or Wiggles show.  And he even kept the parents entertained.   During the party food time, he kept them entertained with some fun science related tricks – I don’t think I’ve ever seen all the kids remain seated for so long during the party food time before.   I think if I was in his shoes I’d be ready for a beer by the end of it!  And he had 3 or 4 more parties to do that day!

The kids all got a “showbag” with some easy home experiments.  So, that evening, we helped our 7yo make some “snow” and some “Psilly Snot” slime in the kitchen.   


Scitech slime
Scitech slime

It was all good fun, especially after we added the green food colouring to it.   Then she wanted to take the slime to school the next day in the “Mystery Box”.  I wonder what the teacher thought 🙂

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