D90 Envy

Nikon D90 (image on nikon.com)
Nikon D90 (image on nikon.com)

I know..  I know..  I sometimes justify the whole SLR route of photography to my wifey saying that I’ll never have to upgrade the SLR body – I will just spend money on lenses.   But the camera gods keep coming out with new fandangled SLR bodies that I really want!

Last year I upgraded from my Nikon D70 to a D80.   At the time I did think it was a bit indulgent as I didn’t really push the D70 to the extremes.  But when I’ve had to use them both side by side for some shoots, I really notice the key differences – in particular, the larger brighter viewfinder, the 10MP vs 6MP, the larger 2.5 inch LCD screen.

But now Nikon has announced the D90 model.  It has a whole slew of new features that I’m not sure I’d use (like Live shoot mode, Movie mode), but I’m really lusting over these particular features:

  • 3 inch LCD at the back that’s the same as the D3 – I really notice the difference when reviewing photos on the D80 compared to the D70.  This is even bigger with 4 times as many pixels.  It should make reviewing images on the camera even easier.
  • The same high image quality as the D3 using Nikon’s latest Expeed technology – don’t need to save up for a D3/D300 now
  • Big improvements in low light sensitivity (less noise at higher ISOs, and up to ISO 3200) – I love shooting using existing light, large apertures and high ISOs (read – anti-strobist!).  Anything to reduce noise is good.
  • Buit in image sensor cleaning – I get scared everytime I take my Giotto Rocket Air Blower to my D80’s CCD.  It’s about time Nikon introduced this capability into the camera itself.
  • 12.3 MP – more isn’t necessarily better, but it means getting good resolutions after cropping easier

So, wifey (or any other relative looking to buy me a present) – if you’re reading this – I’d love to see one of these under the tree for Xmas! hahahaha..

Back to reality, the D90 (body only) seems to be going for US$999 at BH Photo & Video and AUD$1329 at DigitalRev on eBay.

More info here:

Ken Rockwell’s D90 Review – http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/d90.htm

Digital Photography Review’s D90 Review – http://www.dpreview.com/previews/nikond90/

Nikon’s Page on the D90 – http://www.nikonusa.com/Find-Your-Nikon/Product/Digital-SLR/25446/D90.html

4 thoughts on “D90 Envy”

  1. I’m in a similar boat….but looking at the new Canon bodies rather than Nikon bodies.
    I currently have a 350D, and am looking at upgrading to the recently announced 50D.
    It’ll give me more pixels (15MP vs 8MP of the 350D), a bigger LCD (3″ vs 2″), much better high ISO performance, as well as various other improvements (including liveview, which I’ll reserve judgement on until I get a chance to try it). The better high ISO performance is probably one of the key features for me – the 350D struggles at ISO400 with noticable noise, and photos at ISO800 are typically too noisy!
    While I’d love to get the new Canon 5D Mark II that was announced last week, I don’t think I can justify spending that much on a new body….but the high def video is definitely very appealing!
    (check out the sample video here)

  2. Yeah I’m not convinced about the appeal of Live View to an SLR user. Holding the SLR in to your face and bracing your elbows in while using one hand to rotate the lens to zoom seems more steady than holding it away from your body. But then I guess it may make it easier to take shots from wierd angles that you just can’t get your eye to…

    I have a feeling my wife will not see why I need to upgrade less than 12 months from my last one 🙂

  3. “I sometimes justify the whole SLR route of photography to my wifey saying that I’ll never have to upgrade the SLR body”

    Dude, everyone knows smart money is in lenses.
    Spend big on ur lens, and upgrade bodies as and when you need to.
    The 1999 D1’s are total GARBAGE by today’s standards. A 1970’d nikon lens is STILL compatible today, and most of them are very fast and very sharp.


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