An evening with The Idea of North

The Idea of North
The Idea of North

Last night, we had a great evening listening to the singing of The Idea of North.   This Australian quartet of extremely talented a cappella singers entertained a packed house at the Music Auditorium at Hale School.  In fact, they must have got our kids thumbs up as they hardly fidgeted through the whole concert!   This is the 7th year that we’ve seen them perform in Perth, and they just keep on getting better.   Their matching tone colour, harmonies, musicality, professionalism and personalities all combine wonderfully – it’s no wonder that they are recognised on a global level as one of THE best a cappella quartets around.

As something different last night, they invited an audience member to go up and “conduct” them by removing parts or changing the tempo – their ability to hold their part even when they’re not singing, or members around them are not singing, is inspiring.   I still miss Trish Delaney’s (the previous soprano) amazingly crystal clear pure voice, but it’s good to see Sally Cameron now fitting in more comfortably with the group.   I love swing, and loved their vocal swing tunes – oh how I wish they sang even more…

If you are a fan of acappella, singing, swing, jazz or just amazing Australian musicians, you must go and see them.   There’s only 2 more gigs left in Perth – tonight at the Fly by Night club, and on Friday night at the Subiaco Arts Centre.

If you did go last night, I looked up some of the things they mentioned between songs.

The website for The Idea Of North is here:

Here is the YouTube clip of them singing the Korean Song (not the same as last night):

They also mentioned singing with other groups at the “Amazing Voice” a cappella concerts.  Here is the website for one of the other groups called Rajaton –

And the YouTube clip of Rajaton singing the Amazing Voice:

I believe one of the other groups that participated in that series was an American group called M-Pact –


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