Downstairs at the Maj

By Chance
By Chance

Last week, wifey and I attended a cabaret concert by an old friend, Trevor Jones.   We weren’t quite sure what to expect as we hadn’t been to one of the concerts downstairs at the Maj before, but we had a really fun night out!

Trevor has been playing the piano bar circuit around Europe for the last few years.  Playing 4 hours a night, 6 days a week has resulted in him building up an immense repertoire.   At first, we were afraid that we would be listening to cheesy Barry Manilow and Richard Clayderman tunes all night.   However, a combination of a wide variety of tunes from jazz to pop, energetic and comic interpretations, interspersed with great fun informal audience connection and stories from his piano bar days abroad made it an entertaining night.

I loved the format – there were “sets” of tunes, by which a randomly chosen table would roll a dice and choose which tune would be played next.   Luckily, our table “rolled” a six which  resulted in Trevor sculling a bottle of beer 🙂   Other highlights include someone requesting that ocker version of Memory and the Jamaican version of Piano… Man.  The cool thing about the playlist being chosen randomly is that each night would be totally different!  I was very tempted to go back on Saturday night again!

After many glasses of wine, nibblies and laughs, we got back in the car to go home…  wondering what an exciting life it would be, travelling the world from city to city, without any strings attached, doing something you love, like playing music.

I liked the intimacy and atmosphere of Downstairs at the Maj.  Looking at the flyer of upcoming concerts, I might try to get to the Andrews Sisters one.

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