Melbourne holiday planning part 2

So we’ve booked our accomodation.  The next thing I usually do is start investigating what we can do once we get there.

And so I looked up Melbourne and Sydney on and tripadvisor, and drew up a list of potential activities for us and the kids – Phillip Island penguins, Great Ocean Road, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne Zoo, Collins Street, Lygon Street, St Kilda Beach in Melbourne, the Opera House, Powerhouse Museum, Manly, etc in Sydney…  But then I thought – we pack so much into our lives at home, we live and work by deadlines and checking off things in our Todo list or Inbox.   Do we want our holiday to be the same?

So, I’ll jot down some numbers and addresses of places just in case, but we’re looking to the freedom of walking around aimlessly without ANY commitments!!


Great…  so we’re leaving very soon, and yesterday, I’ve come down with a mini flu (cold shivers, headache, nausea) and our 7yo has come down with something bad last night (hot fever, phlegmy cough, lethargy).  Aaargghhhh..   have we been cramming in so much work and life in anticipation of our holiday?   I’m realllly looking forward to that red eye flight….  NOT

[Update 2]

Just browsing the event calendar for the Melbourne International Arts Festival and I saw that Interpreti Venezia have travelled from Venice to perform!  We saw this ensemble in Venice and I’m excited that Australians have the chance to see (and hear) them perform.   Unfortunately it seems many of their shows have already sold out.  More info here:

3 thoughts on “Melbourne holiday planning part 2”

  1. I always get sick before or during holidays. Seems to be that I put off getting really ill until I have some down time and can afford taking the time out to be sick.

    I hope you are all better soon and have a fantastic holiday.

  2. Well, we’re back now and unfortunately we all were sick during our holiday ;( our 7yo had a fever, then our 9yo got it, and then I got it.. we spent quite a few days recovering 😦

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