We’re on the IKEA mag!

Well, sorta..  the coolest thing we found at the Royal Show this year was at the Ikea stand.  For $5, you get the Ikea show bag which includes a soft toy, a bar of Swedish chocolate, 2 vouchers, a small kids flyer but the coolest concept was your photo on the front of an Ikea catalogue.   Yep, they had an Ikea living room set up at the show, took your photo, printed it and stuck it on the Ikea mag.   Our kids were quite excited about the whole thang..  so much so that our 9yo chose this as one of her showbags.   Here we are!

Us on the Ikea mag!
Us on the Ikea mag!

The Ikea stand is in one of the pavilions near the showbag alleys.

More info on the show here:  http://www.perthroyalshow.com.au/


2 thoughts on “We’re on the IKEA mag!”

  1. My kids got their faces on the catalogue too. 🙂

    I don’t suppose you got up to the other end of sideshow alley to where 98.5 Sonshine FM was broadcasting. It would have been good to meet a fellow Perth blogger.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I didn’t realise you were a blogger too.

    Unfortunately we didn’t get to the 98.5 stand.. actually, we didn’t get to lots of our “usual” things this year like the Dog or Cat Pavilions, the Yellow Brick Road or the Baby Animal Farm – it’s a long day for the young kids. It’s almost like they need to introduce a 2 day pass so we can take it in little bits each day! 🙂

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