Testing ride to work day..

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Watch out Perth cyclists!  I’m not sure what came over me, but when our workplace advertised that they were forming a group to register for the Ride to Work day, I decided to register my name.  Was it the thought that I live closer to inner city that would make it easier?  Or perhaps the thought of that new mountain bike sitting in the shed being hardly used?

Yesterday I decided that I better do a trial ride to make sure my bike still works, and that I haven’t forgotten how to ride.  Whoa.. that bike seat is hard.  And am I unfit!!   At first I thought it was the knobbly mountain bike tires, but I was being overtaken by other cyclists on mountain bikes too!!!  And compared to the cyclists on racers and hybrids, I might as well be walking!   I started getting pretty tired and sore when I reached Northbridge.  By my calculations today, only about 3.7 kms!

I took a breather, thought about how I hadn’t even cycled half way to work, swore that I forgot to bring any water then turned around and cycled back home – my legs starting to feel like jelly.  The track was very flat, but there were slight inclines for overpasses, and even those killed my legs!  I was working the gears down until it felt I was going at a walking pace!  I was glad to get home after ~30 mins.  That is like..  15kms/hr??   My friend planned to run that speed in the Melbourne marathon last weekend for the whole 42 kms!!   Boy I suck.  I’ll blame it on my fitness and the mountain bike..  it’s just so hard to get moving and once it does, it doesn’t coast very easily.

Oh well..  at least I know my way into the city.  I’ve calculated the total length to work at about 11.2 kms.  Tiny really, but daunting for me who does no exercise at all, except for the odd hour or two of swing dancing a few times a year.

So if you’re a cyclist riding from the North across the city tomorrow..   I apologise in advance!!  I will stick to the left, but please don’t laugh at me!


One thought on “Testing ride to work day..”

  1. Ah Jase, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Good on you for having a go!

    Once you do start to exercise you’ll be amazed how quickly your fitness will begin to build, it’s all about consistency. Putting ‘slicks’ on your bike does make a huge difference though!

    Take your time and enjoy your ride 🙂

    Where you find the time to write this blog I do not know….

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