I cycled to work!

Ha! I did it!  I managed to cycle to work without fainting, giving up, crashing or getting lost.  Well, nearly got lost.

Amazingly the first leg to Northbridge was much easier this time, I managed to get there in about 10 minutes this time.  Then I was in new territory.  I decided to follow fellow riders, crossing over to Roe Street then meandering along the railway line.  My legs were turning to jelly, I couldn’t keep up with other cyclists but this time I had to keep going – I had to get to work!  The ride didn’t seem that enjoyable anymore..

After the climb up and over the Graham Farmer Freeway, I took the scenic route along the river.  The beautiful Perth morning and the view along the river was refreshing.   However I was beginning to slow down, thinking about the free breakfast I was about to receive at work, and getting my sore arse off the hard seat!

And then finally, I saw my work building and felt like Cadel Evans reaching the finish line..  yay!   Total trip time was about 40 minutes for about an estimated 11.2 kms = 16.8 kms/hr average.  Pretty crap but not bad for my first ride to work I guess!

I’m beginning to think I need a lighter bike or at least road tyres.  When I was riding – I was thinking – the amount of surface area that my tyres have in contact with the road is probably more than three times what a slick bike tyre has – meaning better grip but at the expense of energy wasted in friction.  And the big knobbly bits probably absorb lots of the energy that could be going into forwards momentum.  Hmm…  it’s giving me a better physical workout I’m sure, but making it easier to ride to work can’t be a bad thing right?  Imainge the amount of greenhouse gases and petrol money I’ll be saving!  Hmm..  now to try that logic on our family head of finances – my wife 🙂   Pity there is the small problem of me having to do the kids dropoff to school.

And I now have realised – I need to cycle home tonight..


3 thoughts on “I cycled to work!”

  1. Keep at it! make ride to work day, everyday.

    it will only take about 2 months or so to be at a good level of fitness, where your trip to work feels like nothing (unless you start racing fellow commuters) hehe

    ride safe, and keep at it..

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve been thinking of cycling regularly, but with dropping off the kids to school could mean getting into work quite late 😦

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