Stevie Wonder in Perth!

And so we joined the thousands streaming into the Burswood Dome for what should be another great concert – Stevie Wonder in concert!  The Motown dude with a zillion hits.  The crowd was quite mixed – I’m not sure if there is any stereotypical Stevie Wonder fan, but we definitely had lots of music friends going.

Inside the Dome, the crowd was buzzing, not sure whether because of the excitement of the show, or the anticipation of getting your money’s worth after having paid multiple hundreds of dollars to see the man.  Finally the band came on, and impressive it was – a full 10 piece band (not including Stevie) plus 4 backing singers.  This was serious, and they all proved their great musicality throughout the night.

Stevie Wonder has an immense song library to choose from, and for the first half of the program, there were many new songs (or songs that I wasn’t that familiar with).  They grooved as all his music does, but some were more experimental, especially the vocoder one that seemed to go on a bit too long.  But he threw in his hits, especially near the end of the show when he did a medley of 5+ hits one after another that reminded everyone of what a great songwriter he is and what great songs he has in his repertoire.  And shock horror – his popular groovy hits got Perth people on their feet!!  In the middle of a show with seats!!  🙂  I’m glad security didn’t get everyone to sit down like at the Michael Jackson concert many years ago..  how could you not move your body to his music!!

There was no interval, but the show must have gone for between 2 and 2 and a half hours, finishing just before 10.30pm.  A pretty long set, interspersed with some preaching, Barack Obama campaigning and what I like to call melodic dictation (audience participation singing!  A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…   I think Stevie must realise by now that Perth crowds are very conservative!).  In the end, we left very satisfied, except for the sound.  Perth needs a better large live music venue where the sound is not woofy and muddled, especially in the bass end.  I would’ve so loved to have heard his full band in a venue with amazing sound clarity where each part is crystal clear and the bass is tight.  Maybe only on DVD or Bluray…


2 thoughts on “Stevie Wonder in Perth!”

  1. Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reiterating the pitiful accoustics in the Burswood Dome. That place mangles music and WA deserves a venue of quality not that soul-less train-station of a dome.

    I saw Stevie at the Royal Albert Hall many years ago and I just did not want to have that experience tarnished by hearing him muddled by the Burswood Dome. So I didn’t go, and while I ‘m kicking myself, I too will wait for the dvd.

    Gotta love Stevie, though, for coming all this way, it’s just shameful there isn’t a decent venue for him to play in.

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