The P word

I knew this day would come eventually.

Our family were all seated around our little dining table last night for the Sunday meal.  Our 7yo was in her usual happy talkative mood.

We’re eating away.  I’ve got a spoonful of food in my mouth.

Our 7yo asks, “What’s a penis?”

My wife’s and my eyes meet and I try to finish chewing and swallowing my food without gagging with laughter.

“Errr..  where did you hear that word?”

“It’s on The Simpsons movie!  They say, “Thank you Lord for the… penis””.  (Or something like that).

My wife shoots a scornful look at me.  She doesn’t really like the kids watching the Simpsons, but on Friday night, I thought I’d borrow the Simpsons movie to watch with the kids whilst Wifey was out at a dinner.

Oh dear.

“Errr..  it’s a willy.”


Luckily we’ve already had an introductory talk with our 7yo on willies.   So we didn’t have to dive into that over our dinner 🙂


One thought on “The P word”

  1. My hubby let our girls (3yo and 5yo) watch the Simpsons Movie with him a little while back. For the following week I was puzzled as to why our 3yo kept trying to strangle me. Puzzled that is until one day I said “No” while she was doing it and she responded with “D’oh”. A lightbulb moment and we had to teach her that even though Homer did it to Bart it was wrong to strangle people.

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