Investigating iPhone plans

iPhone Plan Investigation
iPhone Plan Investigation

So I ran into a friend on the weekend with an iPhone.  And it was so cool.  He gave us a quick tour of what it can do, how you can use it as an iTunes remote control, surf the web via your existing wifi connection, touch screen, etc.    Droooll…

I think my current mobile’s contract plan is nearly up, so I started investigating iPhone plans on Vodafone and Optus.   I started up Excel and entered in various usage rates, included caps, and made pretty graphs.   However, after all this geekness, I have come back to the fundamental conclusion – choosing the cheapest plan all depends on how much you use your phone.

I wish I had all my mobile phone call history in a database so that I can query against and estimate expected costs against various plans.  But I don’t.   So I have to scan recent bills and guesstimate how many calls I make.   I think I make at most 1 call a day, and usually short ones like “Where are you?”, or “I’m here now”.   No, not a heavy user.

Anyway, the Optus $49 cap plans look the cheapest and best for me given my mobile phone usage.  With 250MB included data and $300 included talk, it should cover me for an average of 1 call per day of up to 2 minutes and 1 SMS every 2 days with much more cap left over.   Of course, there’s always the other “deals” companies throw in, and also their support and network coverage, which makes it hard to make a decision based on typical monthly cost alone.


I guess the cheapest plan is really to stick with my current phone!

More details here:

Vodafone iPhone 3G Offers:

Optus iPhone 3G Offers:


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