And so the cycle continues…

Just spent a solid 30 minutes doing maths homework with our 9yo daughter.  

And I ask the same questions that I did at school – why are we learning these things?  Will we use them?

I mean, isosceles and equilateral triangles – I’ve never used these outside of school!  I don’t walk down the street thinking “Whoa! That’s a nice isosceles triangle!”

And long division?   She understands the concepts of division, but why do they need to learn manual long division?  No-one does that manually – we have the power of the calculator and computers.   And the irony is that I have to be patient and enthusiastic and encourage her to learn it!

It seems the only reason why I learnt these things at school is to teach my own kids.


She wasn’t in a good mood.  But an episode of So You Think You Can Dance cheered all of us up afterwards.


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