My Wednesday

I enjoy reading other people’s blog posts on their typical day.  It’s fascinating to see how different people’s days go, what order they do things in.  It’s made me think back of what my typical day might have been 1, 5 or even 10 years ago…  or even without kids!!   I’ve been thinking of doing one of these every few years, but had trouble choosing a day to do – our lives are currently so busy that each day is very different.   Anyway, on Wednesday this week, I recorded what happened (to the approximate 5 minutes):

7.20 The alarm goes off, but as usual I lean over and smack the “Sleep” button, knowing that it gives me an extra 9 minutes.  Why 9?

7.30 I get out of bed after Wifey, go to the kids room and open up their blinds/shutters to let light in to wake them up.

7.35 I trudge to the kitchen to make breakfast for the kids whilst they get up dressed for school.

7.40 A mandatory pit stop – check Facebook for any new notifications.

7.45 Kids aren’t in the kitchen yet.  I call out “Your breakfast is ready!” which usually makes them come.  They sit and have their cereal while I stand and have my muesli.

7.50 Pack the kids lunches and notes folders into their school bags.

7.55 After breakfast, the kids make their way to the bathroom to wash up and do their hair.  I iron my shirt and clean up too.  Wifey leaves for work – bye!!

8.05 Check on the kids cleaning up progress –  they still haven’t brushed their teeth!  The 9yo was looking through a photo album and the 7yo was drawing at her desk!  Aaarghhh..

8.20 Get the kids to double check their bags are packed, put on their shoes, get into the car to go to school.

8.25 Drive to school!  We left a bit earlier than normal today.

8.35 After finding a carpark, I walk them down, give them a goodbye hug and kiss.

8.40 Back in the car to face the morning traffic and drive to work.  I turn on the radio to 720 to listen to the morning banter on current events.

8.55 Arrived at work!
4.45 Had to leave work early today to take over the kids – means I have to make time up later in the week.  Received 44 emails, sent 6 emails, attended 2 meetings – a bit less busy than normal today.

5.05 Finally home, wifey goes to work again for an after school music event.  I raid the pantry for some food and drink and chat to the kids about their day at school.
5.15 Get the kids into the shower and I clean up too.

5.40 I look at the practice chart we made up but then realise our 7yo has a violin lesson today.  I do some violin practice with her.

5.55 As motivation to complete violin practice, we play some Buzz Junior afterwards to chill out.

6.10 “Have you done your homework yet?” “No, not yet!”  Argghhh..   I sit with both kids one at a time to monitor and assist with their homework.

6.40 We hop back in the car to drive to the violin lesson.  It’s a bit later than normal today.

7.35 Violin lesson finishes.  I look at the time, “Kids – it’s a bit late for me to cook?  What would you like for dinner?  McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks or KFC?”.  We decide KFC and buy takeaway.  This is not usual!

7.50 Home with KFC dinner.  We gnaw through the flavoured chicken while enjyoing Iron Chef.  Feed the dog.

8.35 Whoa, look at the time.  Round up the kids to brush their teeth and change to PJs

8.40 I lay next to our 7yo to listen to her do her nightly reading of a Little Miss book

8.50 I lay next to our 9yo to listen to her do her nightly reading. Tonight it’s more of Charlotte’s Web.

9.00 Leave the kids to go to sleep.  I trudge back to the kitchen to clean up dinner and unload the dishwasher, check the kids school lunches for the next day.

9.10 The pile of dirty clothes in the laundry is starting to overflow the dirty clothes basket.  So I unload the dryer, transfer the clean clothes from the washer to the dryer and load the washer with more dirty clothes. 

9.25 My wifey gets home (argh! before I had a chance to play my PS3!), we catch up with the day’s events.

9.40 We have a cup of tea and watch some TV (tonight it’s Summer Heights High, but lately we’ve been watching Heroes Season 3 or West Wing Season 4), then do some Facebooking. I manage to get maybe 10 minutes of Wipeout HD in on the PS3.

10.45 We clean up, head to bed, I do more nightly reading in bed.  Tonight it’s more of Brisingr, the third in the series of Eragon.

11.30 Lights out, get rest ready for another marathon tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “My Wednesday”

  1. Yeah I know – weird isn’t it? Probably because we’re more “night” people than morning people.

    The strange thing is that they’ll often wake up by themselves earlier on weekends. I don’t know how their body knows.. but it does!

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