Riding to work again

Last week I decided to try to ride to work again.  But this time, after sending the kids to school!  I was wondering – is it feasible to send the kids to school, come home, and then ride to work?  What time would I get to work?

So here is my time log:

8.35 – Leave home to send kids to school.  A bit earlier than usual!
8.42 – Reach school, drop them off through the drive through.
8.50 – Back home again.  Get bike out of shed, check tires, check bag.
9.01 – Start cycling to work now!
9.10 – Reached Northbridge.
9.25 – Crossed the Windan bridge (spent considerable time at traffic lights in the city)
9.38 – Reached the office (37 minute cycle).  Lock up bike, shower, change, drink.
9.48 – At my desk and turning on PC ready to work.

Hmmm…   over an hour between leaving the house to send the kids to school and actually starting work.  At least I didn’t have to drive around for 5-10 minutes looking for a car park, but it is a pretty late start.   I’m determined to improve on this time!

Good news about my cycle home though!  Although it was right into the seabreeze, I actually overtook 2 other cyclists!!  Unfortunately, they were stationary 😦   The most demoralising part of my ride was near the end.   I thought I was pushing really hard but was easily overtaken by someone around twice my age!  I’m not that unfit am I?


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