US Election internet coverage

I wonder how many people will be tracking the results of the US Election on the internet today. I suspect many Australian workers would be tempted to at work. Imagine all the extra bandwidth used today! And time wastage!

Have any businesses have thought of ways to work this?  For example, by providing TVs with coverage in common rooms/lunchrooms or perhaps caching a few live result sites for employees to visit.  Or perhaps going the hard way and grouping it with other non-work internet usage.

I’m still trying to find the clearest summary of the voting counts. Here’s a few traditional and interactive websites:

I like the fun graph at Crikey here:

If you’re into numbers and projections, Five Thirty Eight are full of them  –

With the growing uptake on social networking sites and merging of photos and the online world, here are some different looks on the election today:


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