How to get the kids to practise

One thing that makes parenting hard is getting your kids to do things that they should do but don’t want to do.

And practising their musical instruments falls right into that category for our 7yo. She just wasn’t motivated to practise her violin. She complained that practice is “boring”. The thing is that she’s quite good at the violin – her posture and bowing seem to come to her so naturally. And she pick things up relatively quickly – it’s just when it comes to new stuff or tricky parts that need some repetition that she loses the motivation.

We had tried practice charts in the past, but they never seemed to work. We tried to mix it up, lots of shorter practice sessions, fun and games, I play the violin along with her, I not play the violin, rewards, etc but none seemed to really work.

But with Christmas coming up, she started asking if she could get this or that for Christmas. The latest request was, “Dad, can I get a DS for Christmas?”.

We pounced on this and decided that yes she could… but only if she did her singing and violin practice as scheduled on a practice chart.

And so we made one up and it’s amazing! She hasn’t missed a practice since. And she even picks it up to play out of the blue!

I guess I better investigate where to buy a DS now. I wonder if my plan will backfire after Christmas… hmmmm…

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