When to put up the Christmas tree?

Our kids have started bugging us lately – “When can we put up the Christmas tree?”

A few years ago, we had a tradition where we’d put up the Christmas tree in the first week of December. However, I think it was last year we thought that with the amount of effort to decorate it, we might as well put it up earlier – in the first week of November! It did seem a bit early, so this year we’re trying to hold out until December again.

The kids just love putting up the tree – looking at each decoration, suggesting colour schemes, hanging decorations off their ears 🙂

I can’t believe the thought that goes into the Christmas tree. We’ve recently moved, so our next question is – where do we put it? It’s nice to have it somewhere central, but it’s got to have space for presents, and access to power of course 🙂 And of course, maybe a little distant from kids’ bedrooms so that Santa can sneak in without waking anyone up.

One thought on “When to put up the Christmas tree?”

  1. December 1st is my rule for when to put up the tree.

    I made up a pretty basic table with the dates and count down to ‘Tree Day’ which I have stuck up on the fridge. The girls cross off each days box before bed and can practice counting and stuff.

    Mostly I did it to prepare my younger one for the idea that soon the big pink tree would be again invading her personal space.

    Next big step is to clean up the mess in the lounge room so we have some floor space not covered in toys. Then we can put the tree there 😀

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