Failed photoshoots

I’ve recently found a group of work colleagues are also interested in photography. It’s good to have a bunch of people sharing your interest, especially in photography where it can be quite lonely. I remember one sunrise I took on the way to work a few years ago – just me and my camera admiring the sun coming up over the river – but looking like a camera nerd with no-one else around, wondering whether to acknowledge or nod to people jogging past me 😉

So I was invited to join in a shoot of the Red Bull Air Race a few weekends ago. I’ve always weanted to go but the girls weren’t very interested. I thought I’d be prepared – so the night before I cleaned my lenses, blew the dust off the camera sensor with the trusty Giotto Rocket, cleared out the memory cards, packed the tripod and bag.

After driving around, I found a parking spot at $10 near the zoo and walked to the meeting point, wondering if it was the right thing to do leaving my wifey to do all the Saturday morning taxi duties. I thought, “Yes! This is my own time! I need to do this.”

I arrived and my friends were there already, taking some shots. We must’ve looked nerdy or try hards all standing there with our 70-200mm lenses 🙂

Anyways, it was about 12.15PM, 45 minutes before the actual race was about to start. And. My camera stopped taking photos. It was reporting “BAT”. Aaarghhhh!!! How can that be? I hardly took any shots at all. I realised I hadn’t charged this battery. No problems. I knew I had a spare battery in the bag. Popped that one in. “BAT”. You gotta be kidding – I hadn’t charged ANY of the batteries, and I must’ve left them flat from their previous use.

What to do? I decided I could go home, and charge a battery which should take 1 hour at the most I think. But by the time I walked back to the car, weaved through the traffic, got home, ended up having lunch at home, started preparing for Church while the battery was charging, hearing the planes zoom past the city from our house, it was too late…


I thought I’d redeem myself at the next group outing – a walk along the foreshore on a Friday morning to take the sunrise – the plan was to do the City with the Swan Brewery on the side, then the Crawley Boatshed, then Matilda Bay. This time, I did charge both batteries, emptied the memory cards, packed the bag by the door, set my alarm to wake up at 5.30AM and went to bed.

The next thing I knew, my wifey was kicking me under covers and asked “Shouldn’t you be taking photos now?”. I rolled over and looked at the clock – 6.15AM, it was already light outside – I had missed the sunrise! Aaaarrrghhhh!!!! I looked at my alarm – it was on the Radio setting at zero volume instead of the pesky annoying buzzer.

Oh well.. next time.

In the mean time, here are the photos I could’ve taken 🙂

Boatshed shots by Martin –
Red Bull Air Race by Martin –

Update: I have since gone down to the foreshore by myself to shoot the sunrise. A bit of a lonely experience, but it was worth it 🙂 Photos up soon.


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