Matilda Bay Boat House

Matilda Bay Boat House
Matilda Bay Boat House

I finally found some time to play around with the shots I took at sunrise a few weeks ago.  These are my first attempts at shooting the Matilda Bay Boat House, and the first time playing around with HDR too!

Unfortunately, even though I had a tripod and used it for shooting the Old Swan Brewery, by the time I got to the Boat House, I couldn’t be bothered taking it out of the car, and so had this HDR image is a bit blurry from hand holding.    I played around with various tone mappings, but haven’t found one that I’m comfortable with.  Also, I’m not quite happy with the composition on this one either.   I do have some panorama shots that I’ll stitch together soon.

So, in the end, nowhere as good as Kirk Hille’s amazing images, but I do hope to get close one day!!

2 thoughts on “Matilda Bay Boat House”

  1. Nice angle Jason ,
    The classic Matilda Bay composition , find that this place works so well with the building composition in the center . What program are you using for your tonemapping ? Photomatix Pro or Photoshop . If you havent tried photomatix pro would give that a go the its the best on the market for HDR work and a lot better then cs3 for hdr work (thats if your not using it already ). Thanks for the mention as well

  2. Thanks Kirk! I was trying out Photomatix on this one as I liked all the controls it had which Photoshop seems to lack.

    I just need to experiment with tone mapping more I think, so I know how to get the image/emotion I want quicker. I think I’ll have to go back with my tripod again and take some cleaner shots to start with. Thanks for visiting – love your photos!

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