Paris from the Notre Dame

On our round the world trip earlier this year, I took quite a few shots for panoramas.   I’ve done a quick stitch before, but hadn’t got round to styling them yet.   After seeing many of Kirk Hille’s great shots, I thought I should have a go trying to clean them up and make them pop.   I just love the colours, the sharpness and composition in Kirk’s images – very inspiring.

Anyway, this shot was from the top of the Notre Dame church in Paris.   Wifey decided to stay on ground level and look around, but I went up all the steps with the kids.  We only had limited time at the top as the wanted to keep the people moving through, so I found a spot to hold steady and snap a few shots.  I haven’t found a stitching program that stitches raw images yet so I had trouble getting some detail in the sun blown out clouds behind the Eiffel Tower.   And there’s some weird blurred out buildings along the river – I think I’ll have to try the stitch again.


2 thoughts on “Paris from the Notre Dame”

  1. Nice shot Jason ,
    Really love these old looking buildings , lot more interesting then the buildings around here . Not to sure what the blur is from could be from stitching them . I use either Ptgui or PS3 to do all my stitching and just make sure you do take a 30% overlap or more on each shot when taking panoramas that way gives the computer enough referance pionts to do a good stitch . The left side is a bit blowen out on the sky some ND grads will help when shoting shots like this . Still a nice shot and like the POV .

  2. Thanks for the comments! Yeah I think I should try more overlap – I notice you take many more shots for the angle of view than I have been so far.

    Yes a set of ND grads is something I’ve always been thinking of, but haven’t got round to buying yet. Would probably be much easier to get the sky/ground balance right in the original photo than trying to correct it digitally afterwards. I’ll have to see what Santa is getting me this year 🙂

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