What are Tivo and Channel Seven thinking?

Read this: http://www.smarthouse.com.au/Home_Cinema/Set_Top_Boxes/B4S6C2J2?page=1

I can’t believe this.  Flexirent for $37.58/month over 3 years = $1352.88?  Is this a mistake?  Is the extra charge related to the financing, or do you get a better model with more online options that the $699 model doesn’t give you? 

Maybe they’re trying to tap into some market where they think people don’t have $699 upfront to spend, but could afford $37.58/month.  But if so, those consumers should just buy it from some store with a No Deposit, No Repayments, No Interest offer for 24-36 months.  It would be MUCH cheaper.

In any case, I’m not convinced that extra services like buying pizza will bring in more consumers to the Tivo.  Chances are – if you have a Tivo, then you probably have an internet connection (to take advantage of the electronic TV guide), which means, you probably already have a PC at home connected to the internet, which means you can already order pizza online through the web.  The Tivo UI is way too slow for my liking, and unless they somehow made it much faster to use, I would rather use my PC which is constantly on to order pizzas online, than to turn on the TV, click on Applications in Tivo, then to Pizza, etc.

I wonder what it will take to get the Tivo to succeed in Australia.  They should at least make the specs competitive with other HDD recorders out there (eg. larger hard drive) and provide an ability to get the videos off.  I think the pricing should be more competitive too as many of my friends balk at the price (although some have bought more expensive Topfield’s – but were attracted to the larger HDD and ability to get shows off).   Tivo should also increase the marketing so that when consumers are choosing a PVR/DVR, they should see that the Tivo has season passes and an inbuilt free electronic TV guide – these are in my opinion the strengths of the Tivo, and I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the general public don’t understand/realise this.   This way, there shouldn’t be any reason for consumers to buy a “dumb” PVR/DVR again.

It will be interesting to see if these changes make any difference.  Actually, I’m more interested in seeing what Tivo hardware changes are in the pipeline.  I’m really looking forward to a bigger hard drive as now nearly every program has that exclamation mark on it warning it will be deleted sooner than expected.

And something I found today – I should be able to record shows from clicking on them in the Yahoo TV Guide website!  Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to want me to connect my Tivo account to my Yahoo account.  Time to contact support.

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